Project Duration: 2 weeks | 2014

"Revealing the Concealed" was a project for Global Arts Studio- A collaborated project between Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Central Saint Martins and Tate UK. We were to develop our generative in Kochi, Biennale in its pre-installation period. The final artwork has been displayed in UB city, in Bangalore, Biennale at Kochi and Tate UK.


An attempt to capture the individuality of the workers (the cleaners, the white washers, the carpenters) at the Kochi, Biennale. They were the artists setting up the location before 'The real' artists arrived.

The individuality of these workers seemed to be suppressed under the burden of their task. Apart from what they are generally addressed as; the carpenter, the painter, the cleaner etc, This piece highlights another side to their personality which is generally overshadowed by their task.

Candid conversations during conversation

Krishna Murthi during his interview

Final A0 work

This work was displayed in full scale at
Kochi Biennale'14, UB city, Bangalore and Tate UK