Project duration: 1 weekl | 2015
Multiple owners


This project was about working on a nano satellite. It weighs approximately 1.2kgs. Being fairly new and amateurs at this, this is just a very basic model, which will be capable of clicking pictures, recording video, measuring pressure, temperature, humidity, altitude, UV radiations and CFC content. It will not orbit around earth like a satellite is supposed to, rather use a meteorological balloon filled with helium gas and an attached parachute for the final launch. It has a GPS attached to it to record its co-ordinates during the flight and after the fall. The purpose of building this satellite is to demonstrate that it is possible to build a satellite commonly available parts and take pictures of curvature of earth.

However due to the last minute denial from the higher air authorities like AOC the final launch couldn't take place but a trial launch was conducted using 100 hydrogen balloons.

Preparing the Prototype

Setting up the Arduino

Attaching with 100 hydrogen balloons for the trial flight

Setting up the Trial launch for the prototype with helium balloon