Project Duration: 3 week | 2014


Kneeling Cycle was an exploration to find a more comfortable posture while cycling.

The Kneeling Cycle was a collaborative project with a friend, Aayush Wykes. It has been made from scratch under the guidance of Mr. Sudipto Sengupta. This cycle enables one to sit on the shin, which enhances the body posture. The shin bone is strong enough to take the whole body weight and so, proper padding has been given to the shin for a long comfortable ride. The posture has been inspired from that of a kneeling chair, a sit start and the crawl of a baby. The working is similar to that of a push scooter, except here, the posture is like that of a sit start which enables better speed and less power. The handle is placed at a low height considering aerodynamics as during riding, it would encourage the person to bend down which would also add up to the speed just like on mountain bikes. We aim to further redesign this cycle to be better suitable for physically challenged people.


Crawling, like a baby, can help your body heal and make you stronger and more resilient.

Kneeling chair is meant to reduce lower back strain by dividing the burden of one's weight

between the knees and the buttocks.

The crouch start can be said to move the Centre of Mass rapidly well ahead of the feet (thus preferred in sprints), aiding horizontal velocity and acceleration.

Aerodynamic efficiency-a streamlined shape that cuts through the air more smoothly-enables a cyclist to travel much faster, with less effort.


Kneeling Cycle can further be designed to help the physically challenged people commute.