Hello, My passion for design stems from the fact that understanding someone’s story excites me. I believe that pragmatic design fulfills a social purpose; to bridge gaps and deliver measurable impact on people’s lives.
Please find my resume below and scroll further to find more about my practice and my design.
Design Research and Strategy


IIT Institute of Design

Master of Design | August 2018 - Present

Design Research and Strategy

Teaching Assistant: IPRO Energy and Sustainability 

Chicago, Illinois

Srishti Institute of Arts, Design and Technology

July 2013 - June 2017

Bachelor of Industrial Arts and Design Practices

India, Bangalore

The Sustainable Design School

Exchange programme in Industrial Design

-TEDxCannes Volunteer

-Design Strategist on a client project for Trinseo (a global materials company) 

Nice, France | February 2016 - June 2016

Zurich University of the Arts

International Design Summer School 

-Worked with the refugees in Zurich to design a service for them to better integrate into the community.

Zurich, Switzerland | 2016



Professional Experience

UIC Institute of Healthcare Delivery Design
Design Strategy Intern | 2019

Developed a strategy roadmap for the internal stakeholders at UI
Health to improve the COPD care and worked on a client project to
create a medication education tool. Co-conducted a workshop for the
medical stakeholders at UI Health.


Service and Strategy Designer | 2018

My responsibilities involved heading two social inclusion programs for
the University of Commons along with designing the flow of services,
marketing, application design and product delivery. One of which was
later partnered with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).


Chirmi Overseas, Jaipur, India

Product Design Intern | 2017

My role involved designing products and assisting in the development process. It overlooked the entire production cycle from designing to material sourcing and all the way leading to quality check.


Shine Bhola Studio
Product Design Intern | 2016

Worked on branding projects for local organisations and developed
a product line for wooden kitchen ware.


Dileep Industries Pvt.

Product Design Intern | 2015

My role involved designing a ceramic jewelry line and exploring
packaging for the same brand.

Notable Projects


Directory as Platform

Ongoing project at UIC Institute of Healthcare Delivery Design. Working with the OCHNA (Office of Community Health Needs Assessment) to create an open innovation platform for the UI health initiatives and other stakeholders in the system to collaborate and improve health equity.


Rethinking Community Care 

Ongoing project at Rush University. This project is about 

envisioning community health clinics post Covid’19 to enable virtual visits and provide equitable solutions to the community.

COMET: COPD Medication Education Tool

Ongoing project; Leading a student team through research, synthesis and development of a medication education + symptom recognition tool for COPD patient care. Summer and fall project at UI health for the Respiratory Health Association.

Opportunity Map to Improve COPD Care
Developed a strategy roadmap for the internal stakeholders at UI
health to improve the care delivery for COPD patients. It involved

understanding the relationship between the roles different stake-
holders, patient journey and the communication flow.

COGBE: Communication for Gyn. Brachytherapy
A collaborative project with the University of Chicago Medicine to design communication tools for gynaecology brachytherapy. The three versions of discussion guide were designed to empower the patient and set expectations as they enter the treatment process.

Future of Healthcare

A collaborative project with Philips Healthcare India to deliver accessible and affordable healthcare to the underserved population. Designed a system for COPD patients for management and preventive measures.

The Water Project
This project was in collaboration with Trans Disciplinary University, Bangalore. The end product was a water purifier designed for the underserved population using copper and herbs.


Systems Design | Behavioural Design | Service Design | Strategy Design | Information Design | UI/UX Design


User Research | Protocol Development | Framework Design | Stakeholder Interviews | Service Blueprints | Wireframing | Sketching | Prototyping | Product Fabrication | Process Management  


Adobe Creative Suite | Autodesk Fusion | Mural and Miro

Exhibited Projects 

2016-  The water project exhibited by TDU in Royal Orchid 
Revealing the concealed exhibited in Tate UK
2014-  Revealing the concealed exhibited in Kochi Biennale
Revealing the concealed exhibited in UB city, Bangalore

They ask me what is design? 

In the world where design has become a commonplace verb, what am I to say?

Is design about making things beautiful? Sure yeah, why not!


Then why do you study it, they say?

My design, my practice is about serving you, I say. 

Understanding your unspoken needs and that of every individual on the street.


My practice, my intention is about feeding you with love and care

I say, my design is like a mother’s recipe

That serves you, that is made especially for you

It’s something you crave for, but you yourself don’t know


From knowing your cravings to your low capacity of spice

A mother’s recipe captures it all

It still tastes delicious, It still feels like home and home is familiar-

Design too creates familiarity- it brings warmth- 

It brings solutions to problems we never knew we had


So is there a method you study? They ask

A method, hmm sure, yeah why not!


You never ask the mother for her recipe and expect it to be the same

With every person’s touch, it changes for better or for worse

There’s no strict rule book, but there are ingredients that need to be kept in mind

In the end, the aroma of what we create, touches every part of the house


So sit down

Take your time 

But indulge in your next meal with all your senses

Experience it with every action- from lifting the spoon to feeling it move on your body

and then ask me why design?

-Tanvi Ranka